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CAN Repeater

Physical layer based repeaters are used to establish a physical coupling of two or more segments of a CAN bus system. They can be used to implement tree or star topologies as well as for long drop lines. In addition, network segments can be electrically decoupled using a galvanically isolated repeater. EMS CRep DS102 http://www.ems-wuensche.de/datasheets/html/crepv_e.htm

CRep DS102 is a compact repeater for CAN networks. CRep is completely enclosed in epoxy resin and designed for use in cable channels outside a control cabinet. Typical delay 100ns. EMS CRep Opto http://www.ems-wuensche.de/datasheets/html/crepn_e.htm

CRepOpto is a galvanically isolating repeater for CAN networks. It is designed for railmount application within a control cabinet. CRepOpto provides the capability of error isolation. IXXAT CAN-CR220 http://www.ixxat.de/can_cr220_en,21892,5873.html

CAN interface according ISO/IS 11898-2 with CAN choke. Two Sub-D9 connectors. CAN 1, CAN 2 and power supply are galvanic isolated against each other. Galvanic isolation 4 kV/1 second, 2.5 kV/60 seconds. CAN termination resistors are integrated (can be disabled).Delay 200 ns.

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