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 [[http://​www.nxp.com/​products/​interface-and-connectivity/​wired-connectivity/​can-lin-flexray-transceivers/​can-transceivers:​MC_53485 | Overview]] [[http://​www.nxp.com/​products/​interface-and-connectivity/​wired-connectivity/​can-lin-flexray-transceivers/​can-transceivers:​MC_53485 | Overview]]
 +==== Secure CAN Transceivers ====
 +CAN/CAN FD transceiver family TJA115x provides a seamless and very efficient solution to secure classical CAN and CAN FD communication without using cryptography.
 +  * [[ https://​www.nxp.com/​docs/​en/​fact-sheet/​SECURCANTRLFUS.pdf | TJA115x]] fact sheet (PDF)
 ==== TJA1041 ==== ==== TJA1041 ====
 High-speed CAN transceiver with standby and sleep mode High-speed CAN transceiver with standby and sleep mode

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