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-C_CAN is an CAN implementation developed by Bosch and sold as Intellectual Property IP to other chip manufactureres. http://www.can.bosch.com 
-Known chips using it: 
-  * ARM (in general) Bosch GmbH? offers the C_CAN module to be integrated via the AMBA(tm) APB interface protocol bus to an ARM processor. 
-  * Altera: Bosch C_CAN intellectual property (IP) module can be implemented on the Altera(r) Stratix(tm), Cyclone(tm), and APEX(tm) 20KE FPGA families. (Statement from: http://www.altera.com/products/ip/iup/can/m-bos-c_can.html) 
-  * Fujitsu 8FX/16LX/16FX/32FX 
-  * Hynix ARM HMS30C7202 
-  * OKI stand alone CAN controller ML67Q2301 
-  * SiLabs? C8051F040, C8051F500 
-  * ST STR911  
-A new module design, the D_CAN? is available since 2006.  
-Another one, M_CAN supports the new CAN FD since 2012. 

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