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Try to put the latest devices on top of each section and mark end-of-line products. Only specify the main parameters of the micro controllers and go more into deep with details about the CAN interface. Always try to put a link to the data sheet or manual.


8 bit Controllers

16 bit Controllers

  • XC166 series, was very popular in the 1990. At least in Germany/Europe.
    Infineon introduced the TwinCAN with this processor family.

32 bit Controllers

  • XMC7000 successor of the XMC4000 series, with peripherals such as CAN FD, TCPWM and Gb Ethernet. ARM Cortex-M7 + AM Cortex M0+. Lower-power modes down to 8µA. Cryptography Engine support. XMC7100 with 8 CAN FD channels, XMC7200 with 10 channels CAN FD. :-)
    Product presentation as PDF.
  • Aurix TC3xx series is designed for automotive applications. As a host controller in gateway and telematics applications, the MCUs support multiple network interfaces. This includes up to 12 CAN-FD channels compliant to ISO 11898-1:2015.
  • AURIX family of multi core controllers based on up to three TriCore cores. AURIX™ (AUtomotive Realtime Integrated NeXt Generation Architecture). The controller features MultiCAN+, a successor of MultiCAN used already in older TriCore controllers. The latest generation integrates already CAN FD :-)
    Up to 6 CAN nodes with FD support available according to ISO11898-1 FDIS 2014 CAN-FD.
  • XMC1000 Infineon Technologies (Germany) 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M0 processor.
    Unfortunately currently without CAN
  • XMC1403/XMC1404 with MultiCAN: 2 CAN nodes, 32 Message Objects
  • XMC4000 Infineon Technologies (Germany) provides the 32-bit XMC4500 industrial micro-controllers using the Cortex M4 processor from ARM with three CAN ports. The series currently comprises several products differing in terms of temperature range (+85 °C or +125 °C), Flash memory size (512 KiB to 1 MiB) and package (LQFP-100, LQFP-144 and LFBGA-144). The micro-controllers provide a 120-MHz CPU and 160 KiB of RAM. The unit price for a XMC4500 micro-controller ranges between 3,90 € and 5,50 € (for 10k orders).
  • XMC4300 with MultiCAN: 2 CAN nodes. + EtherCAT
  • XMC4700 with MultiCAN+ (non FD): 6 CAN nodes
  • XMC4800 with MultiCAN+ (non FD): 6 CAN nodes, + EtherCAT


Stand alone CAN Controllers

Infineon has a long history in CAN. Ursula Kelling gives an history overview on it (A brief history outline of Infineon’s CAN modules.) Ursula gave a speech on the 13th international CAN Conference on the new MultiCAN+.

SAK 82C900 (Discontinued!) Standalone TwinCAN Controller 2 CAN Channels, Manual (pdf)

81C90 DPRAM type controller which supports CAN 2.0A and 2.0B passive. There are 16 message buffers and a global buffer is provided (a bit like the Intel 82527). Time stamping of incoming messages. Two 8-bit parallel ports. 44 pin PLCC package.



Main features of the AURIX™ MultiCAN+ module:

  • Up to 6 CAN nodes with FD support available
  • ISO11898-1 FDIS 2014 CAN-FD :-)
  • Resonator ready with asynchronous operation and choice of clock source
  • Frequency scaling without baud rate change
  • Energy saving: pretended networking and partial networking (ISO11898-6 transceiver support) support (also in CAN FD mode)
  • Safety support: total amount of bus errors countable
  • Message objects can be freely assigned among the nodes
  • Configurable FIFO length, automatic gateway mode support
  • Acceptance mask filtering for each message object

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