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-====== The CAN wiki pages ====== 
-This page collection is intended to provide shared information about aspects of using the [[http://​www.can-cia.org/​index.php?​id=can|CAN]] network. 
-CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial bus system, developed to be used in cars to exchange information between different electronic components. Now it is used in nearly all application fields, Industrial, medical, ​ white goods, or pedelecs. 
-CAN was developed by [[http://​www.bosch.com|BOSCH]]. The BOSCH CAN 2.0 B Specification can be downloaded at [[http://​www.bosch-semiconductors.de/​media/​pdf_1/​canliteratur/​can2spec.pdf| Bosch]] or [[http://​www.can-cia.org/​standardization/​specifications/​|CiA]]. But now the CAN protocol is standardized by the ISO. The [[http://​www.iso.org/​iso/​home/​search.htm?​qt=+11898&​published=on |ISO 11898]] document is the reference for all CAN implementations. 
-  * [[http://​www.iso.org/​iso/​home/​store/​catalogue_tc/​catalogue_detail.htm?​csnumber=33422|Part 1]] specifies the data link layer (DLL) and physical signalling of the controller area network (CAN) protocol 
-  * [[http://​www.iso.org/​iso/​home/​store/​catalogue_tc/​catalogue_detail.htm?​csnumber=33423|Part 2]] specifies the high-speed (non fault-tolerant) physical layer (transmission rates of up to 1 Mbit/s) 
-  * [[http://​www.iso.org/​iso/​home/​store/​catalogue_tc/​catalogue_detail.htm?​csnumber=36055|Part 3]] describes the low-speed fault-tolerant physical layer at transmission rates above 40 kBit/s up to 125 kBit/s. 
-  * [[http://​www.iso.org/​iso/​home/​store/​catalogue_tc/​catalogue_detail.htm?​csnumber=36306|Part 4]] specifies the time-triggered communication (TTCAN) protocol which supports distributed real-time control and multiplexing for use within road vehicles 
-  * [[http://​www.iso.org/​iso/​home/​store/​catalogue_tc/​catalogue_detail.htm?​csnumber=41284|Part 5]] - High-speed medium access unit with low-power mode - defines the power modes of the high-speed medium access unit (MAU) 
-  * [[http://​www.iso.org/​iso/​home/​store/​catalogue_tc/​catalogue_detail.htm?​csnumber=59165|Part 6]] - High-speed medium access unit with selective wake-up functionality 
-[[can_faq:​can_fd|ISO CAN FD]] protocol extension will be part of 11898-1, published with the next release. There is also rumor that the 
-ISO TF CAN is going to merge the ISO 11898-2, -5, -6 high-speed transceiver standards. 
-===== Topics of this Wiki ===== 
-  * [[CAN FAQ:main | CAN FAQ]] 
-  * [[CAN Literature:​main|CAN Literature]] 
-  * [[CAN Links:​main|CAN Links]] 
-  * [[Controllers:​main|CAN Controllers]] 
-  * [[CAN Physical layer:​main|CAN Physical layer]] and [[can_physical_layer:​can_transceivers|Transceivers]] 
-  * [[CAN_Interfaces:​main|CAN Interfaces]] 
-  * [[CAN_Topology_Components:​main| CAN Topology Components]] 
-  * [[testequipment:​main|CAN Test Equipment]] 
-  * [[drivers:​main|CAN device drivers & libraries]] 
-  * [[CAN Higher Layer Protocols:​main|CAN Higher Layer Protocols]] 
-  * [[CAN Proceedings:​main|CAN Proceedings]] - of the International CAN Conferences ​ 
-Every user is invited to not only share information but also provide new details and add information directly on the web. 
-If you want to have an account, please [[mailto:​hj.oertel@t-online.de|me]]. 

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