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NMEA 2000

NMEA 2000 is a communication protocol based upon the SaeJ1939 Controller Area Network standard from the National Marine Electronics Association to interconnect various electronic units onboard ships and smaller recreational and commercial vessels.

NMEA 2000

The development of this standard began in 1994. It was released in 2001 The standard NMEA 2000(R) is a low-cost serial data network operating at 250 kbits/s based on CAN substituting NMEA0183.

NMEA 2000 Explained - The Latest Word, PDF by Frank Cassidy - Chairman, NMEA Standards Committee

Solutions for NMEA2000:

CANCapture - http://www.cancapture.com - Flexible, powerful, and low-cost control of data, supporting J1939, NMEA-2000 and all other protocols. All features including hardware for one low price.

Development tools and embedded software components: http://www.vector-informatik.com/vi_nmea2000_en.html

High-performance NMEA2000 protocol stack software http://www.simmasoftware.com/nmea2000-protocol-stack.html

Warwick Control (UK) http://www.warwickcontrol.com

The NMEA committee sells a protocol and hardware validation tool and an official protocol stack.

German National_Marine_Electronics_Association

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