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CANopen profiles

CiA maintains a very detailed summary of CANopen device and application profiles. In total CiA maintains more than 20 000 pages of profile specifications.

Since end of 2018 there is a new nomenclature for naming profiles

CiA <number specifying bus dependency>-<profile number>-<sub profile number>

number specifying bus dependency:

  • missing: not yet defined
  • 1: bus-Independent functionality,
  • 2: mapping to Classic CANopen,
  • 3: CANopen FD).

Commonly Used Profiles

  • CiA-401 Generic I/O - Digital and analog inputs and outputs. Also defines Joysticks.
  • CiA-406 Encoders - Single or multi turn rotary encoders as well as linear encoders.
  • CiA-410 Inclinometers - 1 or 2 axis inclinometers.
  • CiA-417 CANopen Lift application profile
  • CiA-422 (CleANopen), the CANopen application profile for refuse colleting vehicles (four parts)

For discussions on the CiA profiles, we can have here chapters for each of the profiles or links to sub pages in case mor space is needed for each — Heinz-Jürgen Oertel 2013/08/16 14:10

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