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CAN controller certification

The following standards are important for the certification of CAN(-FD) controllers:

  • ISO 11898-1: CAN Data link layer and physical signaling for Classical CAN and CAN FD
  • ISO 11898-4: TTCAN Time-triggered communication
  • ISO 16845-1: CAN Conformance Test Plan, since Oct 2016 it covers Classical CAN and the CAN FD protocols.
    An update regarding REC increment on CRC error is available at CiA web site.

Test Lab C&S group is testing compliance with OSI Layer 2. The site also includes information on the CAN Processor Interface Tests, CAN Robustness Tests and specific C&S Add-on Tests.

Please visit this for a table maintained by C&S for CAN Standalone Controller, Micro Controller and CAN-IPs.

The lab also tests OSI layer 1 for High- and Low-Speed Transceivers. C&S maintains two tables for tested products

The Germany based IHR is another well-known test expert, which is going to provide a test tool compliant to ISO 16845-1.

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