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CAN controller model from Freescale. The FlexCAN controller is optimized for automotive applications.

It can be found in the older ColdFire as well in the latest i.MX series of micro controllers.

This CAN module was improved over the years it exists

  • FlexCAN
  • FlexCAN2
  • Since I/2013 a new FlexCAN build into the Qorivva MPC5748G is available which support the improved CAN protocol known as CAN FD.
    Lets see how this module will be called by Freescale
    It is still called FlexCAN but is now build in into NXP controllers. The core is developed by Silvaco.
    • The FlexCAN core comes with a Verilog RTL source code, a test bench, and documentation. The transmit- and receive-mailboxes are configurable (0 to 8, 16, 32, or 64 byte). The receive FIFO is able to store up to 6 data frames. The time-stamping is based on a 16-bit free-running timer with an optional external time tick.

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