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Freescale’s scalable controller area network (S12MSCANV3 - msCAN12 Version3) definition is based on the MSCAN12 definition, which is the specific implementation of the MSCAN concept targeted for the M68HC12 microcontroller family. msCAN uses an advanced buffer arrangement resulting in predictable real-time behavior and simplified application software.

  • Implementation of the CAN protocol — Version 2.0A/B
    • Standard and extended data frames
    • Zero to eight bytes data length
    • Programmable bit rate up to 1 Mbps1
    • Support for remote frames
  • Five receive buffers with FIFO storage scheme
  • Three transmit buffers with internal prioritization using a “local priority” concept
  • Flexible maskable identifier filter supports two full-size (32-bit) extended identifier filters, or four
  • 6-bit filters, or eight 8-bit filters
  • Programmable wake-up functionality with integrated low-pass filter
  • Programmable loopback mode supports self-test operation
  • Programmable listen-only mode for monitoring of CAN bus
  • Programmable bus-off recovery functionality
  • Separate signalling and interrupt capabilities for all CAN receiver and transmitter error states (warning, error passive, bus-off)
  • Programmable MSCAN clock source either bus clock or oscillator clock
  • Internal timer for time-stamping of received and transmitted messages
  • Three low-power modes: sleep, power down, and MSCAN enable
  • Global initialization of configuration registers

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