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Infineon TwinCAN

TwinCan is a new CAN controller developed by Infineon. It's available as stand alone chip, called SAK82C900 and in the new series of 16-bit controllers C166S, like the XC164CS(http://www.infineon.com/cgi/ecrm.dll/ecrm/scripts/prod_ov.jsp?oid=31260&cat_oid=-8144) and XC161CJ(http://www.infineon.com/cgi/ecrm.dll/ecrm/scripts/prod_ov.jsp?oid=31150&cat_oid=-8144).

There is an errata sheet for the current AB-stepping on the Infineon pages whith some 'known bugs'.

It is not correct, that the parallel interface is buggy in such a way, that it cannot be used. It is correct, that the timing from WR high to ALE high is 10TCAN and for some uCs this means, that the code for writing onto the 82C900 must be in internal memory.
Ursula Kelling mailto:Ursula.Kelling@infineon.com

Work is ongoing to support the TwinCAN with the can4linux device driver. The first supported platform will be the UNC20 with the UNCBASCAN board http://www.unc20.net Which now seems to be renamed to Digi ConnectCore 7U

The next generation of this CAN Controller is MultiCAN.

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