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CANopen is the internationally standardized (EN 50325-4) CAN-based higher-layer protocol for embedded control systems. The set of CANopen specification comprises the application layer and communication profile as well as application, device, and interface profiles. CANopen provides very flexible configuration capabilities. These specifications are developed and maintained by CiA members.

Interestingly, CANopen as an application layer and the CANopen device profile specifications are used also on Ethernet based networks like Ethernet POWERLINK, EtherCAT and others.

One of the success factors of CANopen is it's versatility regarding many different application fields. A lot of work was done at CiA to define so called profiles, simple and complex device profiles, but also application profiles. Today more than 50 CANopen profiles are standardized. A profile overview is available. For possible profile discussions use this wiki page.

A CiA special interest group is currently working on a new version of the communication standard making provisions to use the features of the CAN FD extensions.

First of all: the CANopen FAQ

  • http://www.can-cia.ru/CANopen.pdf - The CiA CANopen presentation - 122 pages of valuable information.
    The original CiA document CANopen.pdf is not longer available at this site. You might find other locations. But please be aware that this document is outdated. It describes the old version 3.0
  • The Electronic Data Sheet is a basis for working with CANopen networks with configuration, set-up analysis, service …
    It exists in 2 formats:
  • The EDS as INI style format according to CiA306 is wide-spread.
  • The XDD as an XML format according to CiA311 allows much more flexibility. A free software for editing and checking EDS and XDD is available at https://canopen-forum.com/ There is also an open forum for discussing usage of the tool and questions around the formats itself.

Controversial issues

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